So, what's this all about?

I like to make templates. I like to do research. And, I like to write. So, here we are, me giving you templates that I have created and research that I have compiled about resumes and job searching. No, I'm not a hiring manager, but I'm pretty good at getting jobs and marketing myself. I'm here to give you my tips, and it is entirely up to you whether or not to take them.

This isn't just random.

I've done research. I see what hiring managers like and what they don't like. I've seen the comments they make on resumes and they often spill what they're looking for. I do want to point out one major point though: every single hiring manager is different. Some hiring managers just won't read past one page. Some will only look for one very specific skill on your resume, and if you don't have it, you're out. It doesn't matter if you appear easily trainable, or have an awesome personality, that's just the way some hiring managers are.

Do I agree with those kinds of practices? No, absolutely not, but we still have to deal with them.

The best part? I'm not a robot.

I'm not just a robot spitting out templates at you. I have put thought into them (like, real human thought). I want you to be the best you can be, and show it off to the world.

Contact me!


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