Sunday, August 10, 2014

Entry Level Resume: Bariol

To use this resume properly, you must download the font Bariol here. It is free if you tweet or Facebook about it. You can choose another font as well if you wish. You will need to unzip the file. Installing fonts on Windows.

Please note that this may require a better understanding of Word than the other resumes, however, if you put your time into it, then this is one of the best resumes on the site.

  • The FIRST MIDDLE LAST name part has a different sized first letter for each word.
  • <INSERT TITLE HERE> has a different sized first letter for each word
  • The whole thing is a table. If you need to, select all of it and go to the "Table" tab at the top of Word and make all of the boundaries show. This well allow you to see all of the table and make changes easier. When you are done, just make all of the borders disappear again.
  • The description text is Black 25% lighter. 


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