Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello Reddit!

Hi Reddit! I'm so excited by the response to this website from you guys!

I have updated the contact page so please do not hesitate to use it if you would like to contribute content, have suggestions, or just want to say hello. I will try my hardest to not slack off and update this as much as possible, but I know you guys understand time constraints (cough Reddit cough). 

It would be really great of you guys to like this page on Facebook and Twitter and G+ and whatever else, but not required obviously.

A little about me: I like creating templates and I have an obsession with job boards, job searching advice, and more. I recently attained a position based of my enjoyment of making templates so hopefully that means they're good.

Thanks for hanging out and I'll update with a new template soon!


  1. great many templates available on the site, it may seem a like a menial job creating templates but one can only imagine the great distances these templates help cover. Super impressed

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