Monday, March 11, 2013

Cover Letter Example: Project Coordinator

Cover Letter Example

This is a very detailed cover letter example for a project coordinator position.

Dear Hiring Manager,

My most recent project coordination experience comes from providing assistance, training, and administrative tasks for the creation of a 40+ member call center. I am a recent graduate of [University] currently employed as a Team Lead at [Company] where I provide troubleshooting assistance to customers. We are in the process of creating a new call center, and I have been promoted to a team leadership position while providing coordination assistance throughout the project process.

I have found my strength in project coordination and would like to endeavor more into the field and provide COMPANY NAME's project management team with exceptional support and organizational skills. I am comfortable with guidelines and due dates while providing self motivated and individualized input. To prove this, I co-founded a successful club at [University] that received multiple rewards and recognition. I acted as the administrator and I nailed down goals and timelines while providing assistance to the club by managing volunteering events, attendance, meeting minutes, financials, and more. Although I was not an expert in the club's purpose, animal conservation, I provided a backbone to the other officers who were experts in the field. I allowed them to adhere to their strengths without being bogged down by the small details.

I am prepared to provide the same kind of assistance to COMPANY'S NAME, and I know I would be an exceptional team member to have on board. My phone number is (999) 999-9999 and my email is, please feel free to reach me through either channel.

Thank you sincerely for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you,


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