Thursday, October 11, 2012

New College Resume Template: Blue

I created a new resume based on one that I saw on Reddit. It is very sleek and modern, and one of the more stylized resumes on the website. I will soon make a professional version of it as well. Please note that I have several instructions, including the need to download a free font. I have included a link on how to install fonts on Windows on the page.

You can choose a different font if you wish, but I thought that the font looked very nice and would be useful in other documents as well. Experiment with fonts as much as you want.

This resume isn't for the Word beginner, as it has interesting tables and customized bullet points. If you have any questions about the resume, please let me know. You can go to the page to download the resume here. Please note that it is not available for Google Docs... sorry!


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