Monday, October 8, 2012

How to write a branding statement

You may be asking yourself, should I write an objective? Well, the modern answer is no. We've moved on to personal statements, or in other words, a branding statement. You will see that any of the templates I provide, if they do contain any kind of summary at the top, they are not labeled "objective".

Why should I not have an objective?

Objectives are usually fluffy and ineffective. Of course they know that you are applying for that position. Of course they know you want it. Why else would you have clicked apply on their website next to that position? Objective statements may have been handy when people were still mailing in resumes in order to show which position you were specifically applying for, but they're no use today when HR professionals are able to easily track which application was for which position.

What is a branding statement?

A branding statement is a concise summary of your skills and the impact you wish to make on the company. Some hiring managers skip over the cover letter and come back to it later, so you want to make your first line in a resume memorable. However, it is definitely not a replacement for a cover letter. You should always have a cover letter when applying for a job.

How do I write a branding statement?

  1. First, have a title. Something like "project manager", or even if you're a student, something along the lines of "engineering student" will work.
  2. The very first sentence should tell the reader your high level qualifications, especially ones that fit with the job description.
  3. The second sentence/part (in case your qualifications take up two sentences) should tell the reader what kind of impact you wish to make or have made on previous employers.


Computer science student looking for an internship:
Computer science student with practical and classroom experience in Java, C++, and Python. Looking to gain more experience while providing exceptional coding skills and fresh ideas to enhance current products.

Project manager looking for a permanent position:
Project manager with five years experience leading teams and ten years of professional IT work. Able to provide positive leadership skills while keeping in line with company goals. 


As you can see, branding statements are concise 2 - 3 sentence summaries of your qualifications and what you wish to offer to the company. Make it yours, and make sure you design a statement for each field of work you are applying to.


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